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We all face various issues in our lives, whether at home, at work, or anywhere else. Issues are both lessons and challenges. But whatever they are we should decide how we are going to deal with them. What emotional and verbal response are we going to use? How should we feel about the situation? Are we going to learn from it? How do we know that we act correctly? All these questions are important and our answers to them directly reflect our personality. The purpose of this site is to show you creative personal development methods that you can immediately use in your life to help you find ways to balance yourself mentally and emotionally, be more successful, and help others around you. And what “creative personal development” means?

Creative personal development means that you can develop your personality and balance yourself in every environment regardless of location, time, and circumstances. You will learn how our mind and emotions work, how they are “programmed”, how different feelings including excitement, expectation, passion, positive emotions such as love, joy, and gratitude, negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and fear, and neutral emotions work. The methods used also try to be creative. The articles are simple yet filled with a lot of interesting observations. If you prefer the form of stories or poems, they are also prepared for you. There are also songs, guides, and videos. In addition to classic personality development knowledge there are explanations of our basic behaviors that were influenced by thousands of years of living in tribes. Also, Nature is a perfect example of balancing – it has been balancing itself for millions of years and it still does. We can learn a lot from it, the environment, animals, birds, plants, etc. There are also explanations of beliefs and behavioral patterns that were created by our society and that we unconsciously adopted. You are welcome to discuss the knowledge in the forum section and you can share with others your experiences and issues.



We all have a mind that is connected to emotions. Emotions are the batteries for our mind. They can be stronger or weaker and they can even make our mind resonate (excitement). How our mind is programmed determines our behavior. Do you know how to discover your inner passions? You can follow your dreams much more easily when you know how to control your mind, how to properly express your feelings, and even exercise and dream. You can use this knowledge in your personal life, in business, and to help others.

“An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. ‘A fight is going on inside me’, he said to the boy. ‘It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.’ He continued, ‘The other is good – he is joy,  peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.’ The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, ‘Which wolf will win?’ The old Cherokee simply replied, ‘The one you feed.’” – Two Wolves


Feelings are emotions (joy, anger …) and mental reactions such as excitement, passion, expectation, etc. Emotions (inner energies) even have their own “mind”. The more we feel a certain emotion the more we and our behaviors are influenced by it. It makes us act in a certain way. Do we want to be good? So let’s feel love. Do we want to be bad? So let’s feel greed and fear. The emotional state we are in allows us to access certain parts of our brain-mind that are not easily accessible to other emotions.


Who Is Love - Great Spirit vs. Imitator

When you write a story, a poem, or a song, not only you can include important observations, experiences, or knowledge, but you also express your feelings in a very beautiful way. When we receive an emotional messenger or challenger, it is important that we express the emotion and that we don’t push it deeper into our mind where it could cause troubles. We can express it in a story, we can transform it into a positive emotion (we can smile or focus on positive things), or we can let it flow (we simply do not act according to its requirements). Expressing doesn’t mean that we create more of the emotion (we do not yell, etc.), we just get rid of it. This applies to negative emotions. However, it is important and necessary to create positive emotions so we are in balance. You are very welcome to share your stories in the forum section. I created two categories of stories and they contain a lot of knowledge and symbolic messages.

Poems & Songs

Poems and songs are a fast and entertaining way to learn about important things. The thinking of most of us is influenced by a lot of great artists of the past and present. I tried to put the knowledge presented here into poems and songs and how I did/did not succeed you can decide for yourself.


Videos are a very creative way to express oneself. I encourage you to create your own videos so you can share you observations, creative work, and other important things with others. People feel better when they can see and hear you. More than that, people are a bit lazy to read long articles, thus videos (especially the shorter ones) are perfect in this aspect. Here are some videos for you.


You are very welcome to discuss with us and share your issues, knowledge, experiences, observations, opinions, stories, poems, songs, videos, and other things with us. Interaction is very important, especially when we take into account that in the past we used to be with our real friends 24/7 (when we were living in tribes). But on the other hand, we also used to live in solitude from time to time so we could think about ourselves and the meaning of our life.

Discussion: Forum
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If you need an individual help, there is a service prepared for you called Avinot. The goal of the service is to prepare a useful individual analysis according to answers to basic questions. There are five types of analysis, find out which one may be good for you: Personality test.

Why Rainbow Lights?

Love - Rainbow

The most ideal stage in personality development is the adoption of certain personality traits that would make you feel happy and loved all the time and that would support your endeavors and motivate you without the use of anything else. These traits originate from positive feelings and the most positive one is love. Therefore these traits are the “traits of love”. The purpose of Rainbow Lights is to support these traits. They are the rainbow colors that are formed from love (white light).

Sources of information

The knowledge that is presented on this site comes from various books, experiments, and observations. The goal was to be open-minded and integrate knowledge from different (even controversial) sources regardless of dogmas that individual groups of people might have. For example, psychologists may believe in different things than humanists. Or mainstream doctors might have different viewpoints than successful authors of personality development books. And their opinions might be different from the opinions of traditional healers that have used successful healing/balancing methods for hundreds of years. So the information that is presented on this site comes from various sources. However, I was surprised that it all is interconnected and the basic foundation is the same for all used sources.

Things That Are Natural For Us

  1. It is natural to be with real friends 24/7. In a small community (tribe) people know one another very well. They have proper relationships with others and thus in most cases proper values (they think about the good of the community as a whole, they express joy, they do not murder, etc.). Creative work and storytelling was immediately appreciated.
    When this aspect is in imbalance:
    one is egoistic and often insecure, they do not appreciate others and thus have tendency to kill and steal.
  2. It is natural to feel love, joy, and gratitude. Imagine that you hang out with your friends and you are having a good time. Doesn’t it feel good? Now imagine that you do this every day. And your friends are people from your generation, your parents, grandparents, children, and other people of every age.
    When this aspect is in imbalance:
    one is looking for alternative ways to express joy and usually finds it in negative mind stimulants such as alcohol, negative desire, etc.
  3. It is natural to take care for the environment. When people in ancient tribes didn’t care about the environment (for example, they killed more animals than they needed), soon they found out that their food was rotten and they were becoming sick. Therefore they had to be reasonable and use only the things they truly needed.
    When this aspect is in imbalance:
    one unconsciously feels more ill, they are overly insecure. Usually this is combined with lack of the 1.) aspect – people have no respect for Nature and they exploit and destroy. Then they feel more insecure because of 3.) so they exploit more in the false persuasion that it will help them to get rid of the feeling.

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